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Congress 2021 took place online on Wednesday 22 September, with a focus on prioritising mental health and wellbeing in the Victorian education system. Stay tuned for a full report from Congress 2021.

Congress is VicSRC's flagship student-led experience which brings together secondary students from across Victoria to design solutions to the top issues in the education system, as voted by students. These issues and solutions become VicSRC’s advocacy platform for the next 12 months, spearheaded by the VicSRC Student Executive Advisory Committee.

What to expect

Have your say

From Monday 12 July

Got an issue with our education system? Any student in Victoria can tell us an issue through the Congress Survey, open online from 12th July!

Congress 2021

Took place Wednesday 22 September
Online (Zoom)

Lead the change in education by voting on the top issues and designing solutions that VicSRC will take to decision-makers.

Advocacy Priorities

Thursday 2 December

Join us to launch the Advocacy Priorities from Congress 2021 and celebrate a year of student voice at the Student Voice Extravaganza.

Congress Week webinars

History of VicSRC Advocacy (live)

Explore VicSRC’s evolution over the past 16+ years and the impact students have had on the Victorian education system!

Supporting primary students’ mental health and wellbeing (replay)

Hear directly from primary students and their supporters about the importance of mental health and wellbeing for students and families both in lockdown and going back to face-to-face learning and get some tips and strategies for supporting primary students!

Student Perspectives Panel (live)

Change your perspective by hearing from students about their different experiences of education, both in person and remote.

Education Perspectives Panel from Congress 2020 (replay)

Hear from a panel of students about their perspectives on education and their diverse experiences of schooling.

Accessibility and inclusivity

VicSRC is committed to making Congress as accessible and inclusive as possible for all Victorian students. If you have any specific access requests, would like further information or want to provide any suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Please email Hayley at [email protected] or call on 0447 691 300.

How does VicSRC Congress create change?

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