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My Congress

09th Aug 2018

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Three Congresses

27th Jul 2018

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Student Elections, School Councils

18th May 2018
Students raise your voice!

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Student Voices on School Councils

05th Feb 2018
From 2018, student representation will be included on all Victorian government secondary School Councils....

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Teach the Teacher goes multi-campus

25th Oct 2017
The usual routine of facilitating a school and their SRC was recently tested when a request came in from Sunshine College. The school which houses four separate campuses and a different student repr...

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#VicSRCvoices: An absolute blast

25th Oct 2017
This article first appeared in Connect Magazine Issue 227

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Snapshot: Action Pitch proposals

14th Jul 2017
The Resolution Action Pitch presentations (or RAPs) were the drumbeat of Congress 2017 - our chance to share student-led solutions that go beyond talk into real action.

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COngress 2017

Congress 2017: the wrap up

14th Jul 2017
That feeling when VicSRC Congress goes from an explosion to an inferno of student voice. Here's our wrap and top takeaways!

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Congress what to expect

Congress Countdown: What to expect

26th Jun 2017
With just two weeks to go until we join the roar of student voices at Congress 2017, we're breaking down what our delegates can expect from the epic three days ahead.

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Teach the Teacher

Teach the Teacher recap

05th Jun 2017
Since coming on board as VicSRC's Project Officer on May 1st, Mel Gaylard has been pounding the virtual and actual pavement, facilitating Term 2's series of intro sessions and workshops for ...

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VicSRC Policy Platform, Goal 2: Students meaningfully participate in policy and program development processes

VicSRC in focus: Student Voice in Policy and Program Development

02nd Jun 2017
The VicSRC Policy Platform underpins all our work - and should be used as a guide to yours. We're breaking down our nine focus areas into bitesize pieces. Next up: Student Voice in Pol...

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2016 VicSRC at a glance

Where did you go, 2016?

14th Dec 2016
Blink and you'll have missed it! 2016 has roared by like a freight train delivering our biggest year yet for student voice.

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VicSRC Transitions Report

Six student tips for transitioning to secondary school

06th Dec 2016
In 2015 we worked with the Department of Education and Training to produce the VicSRC Transitions Report. We consulted with 155 Grade 6 and Year 7 students who shared their first-hand experiences an...

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Conress 2016 Report

The 11th Annual VicSRC Congress 2016 Report

05th Oct 2016
VicSRC Congress is a melting pot of ideas and student-led solutions. We are thrilled to share the 11th Annual VicSRC Congress 2016 Report!...

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Diversity strengthens student voice

14th Sep 2016
Student voice is about more than students having a say; it’s about adopting a culture of inclusiveness. So, whose responsibility is it to ensure that all students are being represented in deci...

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#VicSRCvoices: Taking the bus when the limo breaks down

10th Aug 2016
Stress can test the best of relationships in the pressure cooker that we know as school. Demi Tangri examines how we manage stress by understanding and appreciating the friendships that sustain us -...

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VicSRC Congress 2016 Resolution Action Pitches

Congress 2016: The RAPs explained

12th Jul 2016
The Resolution Action Pitch presentations (or RAPs) were the drumbeat of Congress 2016 - our chance to share student-led solutions that go beyond talk into real action.

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Congress 2016: We are the roar of student voices!

12th Jul 2016
This was our Congress 2016!

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VicSRC Congress 2016

Congress 2016: the wrap up

12th Jul 2016
Three days, 180 delegates, 15 Executive members, 33 volunteers and staff, 10 RAPs, 300 people at Open Morning - Congress 2016 was an powerful explosion of student voice.

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Social media

#VicSRCvoices: On Snapchat streaks and talking in text...

27th May 2016
Back awayyyyy from the emoji! Demi Tangri, a self-confessed Snapchat streaker, explores what happens when we look up once in a while and talk with our faces, rather than our phones.

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VicSRC hot topics Congress 2016

Top 10 Hot Topics for 2016

27th May 2016
We've heard the voices of Victorian students and we're taking the hot topics to Congress 2016!

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How to plan an SRC training day

How to plan an SRC training day

13th Apr 2016
How do you plan an effective SRC training day? David Mould, Director of Second Strike, explores some of the crucial aspects to consider when planning a training day for primary or secondary sch...

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VicSRC Action Pitch

The VicSRC Action Pitch explained

13th Jan 2016
We're calling for mandatory student involvement in decision making processes by partaking in key policy meetings including, but not limited to, school council meetings.

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2015 in review p1

2015 at a glance

14th Dec 2015
From Regional Conferences to Congress, the Recognition Awards, ministerial meetings and everything in between, it's been a cracking year. 

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Demi Tangri

#VicSRCvoices Creating Conversations at Mac.Rob

06th Oct 2015
#VicSRCvoices is a rolling series driven by the stories and experiences of student representatives. It’s about who we are; what we value; what drives us to act; and what fuels our passion...

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VicSRC Congress Report 2015

10th Annual VicSRC Congress 2015 Report

02nd Oct 2015
Three days, two nights, 170 students, 38 volunteers, five staff, incredible depth of discussion and powerful pledges to action: we are so excited to share the all the action from Congress 2015 and t...

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Congress 2015 evaluation snapshot

Congress 2015 evaluation snapshot

07th Sep 2015
We're excited to share the evaluation snapshot from Congress 2015. 

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VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit

The new VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit

31st Aug 2015
To coincide with EnviroWeek (30 Aug - 5 Sep 2015), we're excited to share our updated resource to help students take action in their schools.

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Demi Tangri on Congress 2015

Reflecting on Congress 2015, by Demi Tangri

05th Aug 2015
The feedback on Congress 2015 has poured in via the evaluation survey in the last few weeks. Thank you to all Congress 2015 delegates, Exec, volunteers and SRC Teacher Advisors who are helping us ma...

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Teach the Teacher on the road

Teach the Teacher on the road!

14th Jul 2015
Teach the Teacher has been on the road throughout term 2 and has so far covered a whopping 1585km.

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Congress 2015 survey

Congress 2015 Survey

14th Jul 2015
VicSRC is determined to make the experience of Congress as good as it can possibly be for delegates, Exc, volunteers and teachers. To do this, we need your help!

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Analysis on the Congress 2015 debate

Congress 2015 Debate Analysis

14th Jul 2015
Congress Crew member, Lachlan Hugo, shares his analysis of the action and outcomes.

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VicSRC COngress 2015 debate and belief statements

Congress 2015 Belief Statements defined

14th Jul 2015
At Congress 2015, delegates discussed, debated and decided on the Belief Statements that form VicSRC's advocacy platform for 2015-2016 through the 10th annual Congress parliamentary-style debate...

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Student voice matters!

Congress Issues Groups Explained

30th Jun 2015
One week to go until Congress 2015, and we're breaking down Issues Groups and key tasks

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VicSRC Regional Conferences 2015 Top 10 Issues

From Conferences to Congress: the Top 10 Issues

29th May 2015
From March-May this year, VicSRC consulted with almost 1,000 students at 12 Regional Conferences across Victoria to determine the Top 10 issues that matter to students in 2015.

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2015-16 Victorian budget

2015-16 Victorian Budget

06th May 2015
The 2015 – 2016 Victorian State budget invests almost $3.3 billion in Victoria’s education system for 900,000 students.

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Heather School SRC

A leadership experience at Heatherwood School

27th Feb 2015
On Wednesday 18th February, we had the absolute pleasure of spending time with the student leadership team at Heatherwood School in Donvale. Our Events & Communications Officer, Fiona, got some ...

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#VicSRCvoices: Bendigo South East College

27th Feb 2015
#VicSRCvoices is a rolling series driven by the stories and experiences of student representatives. As we to celebrate 10 years of VicSRC, we’re celebrating you. It’s about who we a...

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Take action

Do something

27th Feb 2015
Having made a decision to support an issue that students are passionate about, what next? What sort of action is possible and appropriate? This article via Connect (#211) breaks it down....

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VicSRC 2014 in review

2014 in review

12th Dec 2014
The VicSRC Student Executive continues to lead the organisation forward and direct the work of the organisation. Students have worked hard to advocate on the resolutions passed by students at Congre...

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VicSRC Resolutions 2014: Interschool Collaboration

VicSRC Resolutions 2014-15: Interschool Collaboration

10th Dec 2014
Following the release of the 9th Annual Congress Report 2014, we're breaking down the seven resolutions driving VicSRC advocacy into bitesize snapshots for the year ahead. Next up: Int...

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Student Wellbeing Counsellors

VicSRC Resolutions 2014-15: Student Wellbeing Counsellors

27th Nov 2014
Following the release of the 9th Annual Congress Report 2014, we're breaking down the seven resolutions driving VicSRC advocacy into bitesize snapshots for the year ahead. Next up: Student...

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VicSRC Resolutions: Education Maintenance Allowance

VicSRC Resolutions 2014-15: Education Maintenance Allowance

20th Nov 2014
Following the release of the 9th Annual Congress Report 2014, we're breaking down the seven resolutions driving VicSRC advocacy into bitesize snapshots for the year ahead. Next up: Educatio...

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VicSRC Resolutions: Green initiatives

VicSRC Resolutions 2014-15: Green Initiatives

13th Nov 2014
Congress 2014 was packed with energetic debate, hotly contested proposals and the drive and determination of 175 secondary students from all across Victoria. Student representatives voted and passed...

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9th Annual VicSRC Congress Report 2014

30th Oct 2014
We are stoked to announce the 9th annual VicSRC Congress Report for 2014! Experienced all the action from Congress 2014 and find out all about the resolutions passed by 175 students from across Vict...

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Bendigo VicSRC Regional Conference

27th May 2014
The top three issues identified by students in the Bendigo region are Homophobia, acceptance, and mental health.

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Where to now?

16th Apr 2014
The VCAA produces a guide for students on the range of options available to them in their last two years of secondary school it is called 'Where to now'. The VicSRC asks can it be turned int...

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Congress Report 2012 is here

28th Nov 2011
The 2012 Congress Report is here! Read all about what happened at Congress 2012 and the resolutions passed by students who attended.

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Congress Voting

Congress 2013

19th Apr 2011
Attention all Victorian Secondary School Students! Congress 2013 is happening again on the 2nd & 3rd of August!

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