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A VicSRC Recognition Awards Movie Marathon

Thu 19th October 2017

With 63 nominations from 47 schools, to 16 finalists and five ove

We are the Change Makers of Today: Recognition Awards 2017 Speec

Thu 19th October 2017

'We Are the Change Makers of Today.' On the 11th of Octobe

The Wrap Up: 2017 VicSRC Recognition Awards!

Thu 19th October 2017

The 11th of October 2017 was the night of nights celebrating stud

Students to Receive a Permanent Seat at the Table

Thu 12th October 2017

Response: Students to get a permanent seat at the table on all gover

VicSRCvoices: Young people want their say on marriage equality

Wed 16th August 2017

#vicSRCvoices: Young Australians want their say on marriage equality

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