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Tell me more: What does an Ambassador do? 

The Ambassadors program offers students an opportunity to engage with VicSRC and meet with like-minded people from across Victoria.

VicSRC Ambassadors represent the students of their school and help build communication between their leadership groups and the VicSRC Executive.

The Ambassadors program:

  • Better connects school and student leadership teams with VicSRC

  • Enables a greater range of students to have a direct input into VicSRC’s activities (for example, meetings with the Department of Education, or VicSRC’s Student Voice Awards)

  • Provides students with a platform to learn skills and gain experience as volunteers and advocates in the education sector

  • Extends the network of passionate and involved students working for change!

Each VicSRC Ambassador will undertake a flexible role, participating in VicSRC advocacy, initiatives, and providing important feedback on what matters to the students they represent.

Who can be an Ambassador and what is the commitment?

Because Ambassadors are student representatives, you must be endorsed by your school’s student leaders or broader student body to accept a position in the Ambassadors program.

An Ambassador’s duties involve:

  • Communicating between their own school student council and the VicSRC Executive and staff

  • Participating in a range of VicSRC engagements such as reference/advisory groups, surveys in school, panel discussions, volunteering at VicSRC Events (Student Voice Awards, Student Voice Workshops etc.) and media engagements

  • Volunteering approximately 1-2 hours each fortnight to work on VicSRC Ambassador tasks.

  • Attending VicSRC Ambassadors group meetings (approximately two per term).

If you have questions, or would like to chat further, please get in touch with Benita at 
or 9267 3712.

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