Get Involved! 
Opportunities for students and passionate volunteers to be a part of the VicSRC

The VicSRC is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Come by and say hi!

In this section: 

- Membership & Partnership

- Student Members - Become a Student Member of the VicSRC! Want to make your voice heard as part of the Victorian student body? Want the chance to win cool prizes and drive the conversation about issues in education, positive change and student voice? Join through our free student membership program!

- School Partners - Become a VicSRC Partner School! Are you practicing at the peak of student voice? Or are you just starting out and looking for new and exciting ways to integrate student voice into your everyday education practice? Join VicSRC as a Partner School and get advice, access and discounts for our events and membership to the Student Voice Hub!

- Write With Us - We want to hear from you! Are you a wordsmith? Do you love to pin things to the page? Or do you love drawing - are your cartoons the talk of the class?  We love to feature work about being a student on our site.

- Join the Exec - Students with the bigger picture: If you are interested in representing students from across Victoria - we need YOU! This could mean consulting with students across the state, communicating their views to relevant state bodies, helping set up statewide projects and planning for state meetings like the VicSRC Congress. If you're interested to work at this level there are opportunities to be a member of the VicSRC Executive.

- Volunteer with Us

- Be an Ambassador - Represent your school at the state level

- Build a Local Cluster Students and SRCs can network locallyIf you are interested to represent your peers and to work with other students at a local level - we need YOU! This could involve you networking with other students and SRCs in your area to establish or expand a local SRC cluster or host a cluster meeting. This will strengthen SRCs in your area and help set up local projects. The VicSRC can help you do this.

Why get involved?

A statewide organisation like the VicSRC needs your active involvement. No matter what role you take, getting involved with the VicSRC will benefit you and students generally:

  • SRC's will get ideas and inspiration

  • Students will develop leadership skills

  • Teachers will find support for SRCs and themselves

  • Organisations will be able to find out what students think and want both locally and across the state

If you are interested in getting involved in any way then please contact us - there's a role for everyone!