SRC Constitutions and Models

We get stronger by working together and learning from each other. Through these resources you can learn how other schools and groups are setting up models for their SRCs and the constitutions that govern them.

SRC Constitutions and models


Northern Bay P-12 College

Northern Bay P-12 College - Peacock Campus SRC Annual Report | December 2015



'The SRC members all participate in decision making. They share their ideas in a comfortable and safe place where everyone else values ideas and respectfully listens to each other. The campus leaders (also known as SRC executives) have meetings every Thursday recess with the Learning Partner, Ash Pike, to confirm the agenda or ensure that actions have been followed up between meetings. The SRC executive will then follow up with SRC members before the meetings to make sure that they have followed up with actions and offer assistance if needed.'

Download the Northern Bay P-12 College - Peacock Campus SRC Annual Report

Malvern Central School JSC CouncilMalvern Central School JSC Constitution | August 2015



'The Junior School Council will ensure that students can share their thoughts openly, honestly and comfortably and trust that their opinions are taken seriously. Students’ suggestions will be acted upon to ensure students feel valued and that they are part of a safe and inclusive learning environment.'

Download the Malvern Central School JSC Constitution

Elwood College SRCElwood College SRC Constitution | May 2015

'Aims: To encourage student participation in all areas of school activity and decision-making...'

Download the Elwood College SRC Constitution

Northern Bay P-12 CollegeNorthern Bay P-12 College - Peacock Campus SRC Model Report | April 2015



'It all started on the 28th of May 2014. Gypsy and Erick went to the Regional VicSRC Conference; they got a lot of ideas and were inspired to rebuild the SRC which had not been active at Peacock campus for the last few years. They learnt how an SRC works and how other schools managed to achieve a lot in just one year. Gypsy and Erick then brought their ideas back to the other two Peacock campusleaders...'

Download the Northern Bay P-12 College - Peacock Campus SRC Model Report



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