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VicSRC has a number of Resource Kits created by students to help students and teachers strengthen the impact of meaningful student voice within schools and communities.

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VicSRCEnvironmental Resource Kit

VicSRC Cluster Kit

VicSRC Principals Guide

VicSRC Parental Education

VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit

Students tell us that they want their schools to be more environmentally friendly and that they want to be part of making these necessary changes. When VicSRC looked into this, we found that there are a lot of organisations and groups that want schools to be more environmentally friendly too.

At VicSRC Congress  2014, secondary students from around the state voted for ‘an increase of green initiatives in schools with the aim of increasing environmental awareness and sustainability in schools’.

The 2015 edition of the VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit is a guide for students and teachers to provide a brief introduction to some of the best opportunities and organisations we found. We hope that it helps you take action in your school!

We hope you find the information useful in YOUR quest for an environmentally friendly school.

Download your copy of the VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit


VicSRC Cluster Kit

The VicSRC Cluster Kit provides all the information and advice you need to set up an SRC Cluster group in your local region.

Download your copy of the VicSRC Cluster kit

Cluster Kit

VicSRC Principals Guide

The VicSRC has created a resource guide for Secondary School Principals entitled Developing Student Participation, Engagement and Leadership: A Guide for Principals.

The VicSRC developed this “Guide for Principals” in conjunction with the Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals (VASSP) to encourage Principals to support greater student voice, participation, engagement and leadership within their schools. The Guide outlines how SRCs can be utilised in the development of student participation and leadership and how Principals can best support their SRC.

Download your copy of the VicSRC Principals Guide

VicSRC Parental Education

VicSRC has put together a series of resources to support parents/guardians in navigating the education system.

Parents and guardians of secondary school students often lead busy lives. Combined with a changeable and often confusing education system, it can be difficult for parents/guardians to find the time to understand the terminology and educational pathways available for students.

Download your copy of VicSRC's Parental Education resources

A guide for parents - download