Represent! is a comprehensive resource for students and teachers that contains information to help build effective and diverse SRCs and support student voice in schools. 

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Represent! Templates (Part 5)

T1 - SRC Constitutions

T2 - Group Agreement

T3 - Brainstorm of SRC Activities

T4 - SRC Year Planner

T5 - SRC Representative Feedback Sheet

T6 - SRC Meeting Agenda


T7 - SRC Meeting Minutes

T8 - Tackling an Issue DIVAE Planning


T9 - Action Planner

T10 - SRC Resources


T11 - Finance Planner

T12 - Solving Problems


Additional SRC Resources

R1 Criteria for effective student councils
R2 Inclusive committee procedures
R3 Ten big ideas for student councils
R4 Examples of SRC constitutions
Balwyn High School SRC Constitution

Download Individual Parts of Represent!

Part 1 Setting up an SRC
Part 2 Getting started
Part 3 The SRC at work
Part 4 What an SRC needs
Part 5 Templates for SRCs
Part 6 Additional SRC Resources