VicSRC Policy Submissions

As the peak body representing students in Victoria, VicSRC makes policy submissions to government to ensure that students are at the centre of education. 

VicSRC Policy submissions

Recent submissions:

Initial Teacher Education | October 2016

A response to the discussion paper 'Working together to shape teaching education in Victoria'.

Students are in a unique and valuable position to provide perspectives on teacher education. They have direct daily experience with the outcomes of such teacher education; they think and talk about what makes a good teacher; they meet and respond to teacher candidates during the process of teacher education.

In forming the VicSRC response to this discussion paper, our ideas have been developed
through discussion with members of the VicSRC Executive. These are current students in Years
7 to 11 in Victorian secondary schools, elected by their peers to manage the organisation.

Download the VicSRC response to Initial Teacher Education discussion paper | October 2016

Student Voice in the Tech Schools Initiative | August 2016

Student Voice and Student Engagement in education is increasingly being recognised as a hallmark of a successful educational institution, success being; not only providing students with the best possible educational outcomes, but achieving these outcomes in a democratic and fair way. If done correctly, student voice can expose students to adult and workplace environments and equip students with knowledge and experiences applicable to the real world.

The Victorian Tech Schools initiative has an exciting opportunity to ensure student voice is mainstreamed throughout all long-term goals and decisions, be it facilities, curriculum, staffing or creating an innovative and welcoming environment.

Incorporating Student Voice and Student Engagement is good governance. It ensures that the decision making process is effective in identifying issues, working on solutions and implementing those solutions to ensure the Tech Schools operate at their best for learners in Victoria.

Download the VicSRC Student Voice in the Tech Schools initiative | August 2016

School Funding Review (Bracks Review) | July 2015

Students are at the centre of education in schools. They have strong understandings and ideas about what works, and ways to improve learning and teaching. We see this consultation process as a critical opportunity to talk to students about their views on school funding in Victoria.

Equity and funding in Education is a critical issue for students. It was identified as a top issue in our consultation on the Education state. Last year students at our annual congress pass a resolution calling for a reinstatement of the Education Maintenance Allowance. EMA affects 200,000 students across Victoria and support for financially disadvantaged students and other avenues of financial support for student was
seen as the highest priority.

While we we’re pleased to see the instatement of the Schools, Camps and Excursion Fund in the last state budget there is still a gap in the way funding is allocated for students. The message was again reinforced at the 2015 VicSRC Regional Conferences. We held 12 conferences in metro and regional
Victoria were we talked to over 1000 students who ranked ‘School funding and equity’ as the second most important issue concerning students.

Download the VicSRC School Funding Review | July 2015

Education State Submission | July 2015

In an effort to capture the thoughts, feedback and ideas of Victorian students about the Education State, VicSRC sent out a survey to all member schools. Our survey asked students to reflect on questions designed around the eight Education State focus areas determined by the Government. The survey received a very strong response, from 352 students across 32 schools. 

Student responses revolved around four key areas:

  • The school environment and student engagement\

  • The curriculum

  • Funding and equality

  • Wellbeing

These areas of focus align with the VicSRC policy statements developed over the last decade, as well as the areas of interest set by the 170 students who attended the VicSRC’s 2015 Congress. This submission is set out be explore students perspective of the current state of education, what students hope for the education state and recommendations. The submission is framed around the four themes listed above and includes 6 recommendations around the future of the Education State. 

Download your copy of the full VicSRC Education State Submission (PDF)

Download your copy of the VicSRC Education State Submission - Snapshot (PDF)