ALTER is a brand new VicSRC pilot program for Primary School students and teachers, supported by the Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership

The program consists of a series of three workshops, facillitated by Secondary School students and VicSRC staff, which will ensure students and schools are equipped to develop best practice student voice. We bring educational leaders: students, teachers and school leadership together in a unique learning space to collaborate, co-create and spark practical strategies to transform their schools and learning environments.
At the workshops:
  • Students will work on a project to create collaborative and sustainable change at school using the VicSRC’s ALTER Model of Student Led Action.
  • There will be Student Voice Professional Development sessions for teachers during the workshops.
  • Schools will gain access to resources and ongoing support online via our Student Voice Hub.


The program is taking place in 5 locations around the state.

North Melbourne - SOLD OUT
Workshop One Wednesday 14th August | Workshop Two Wednesday 4th September

Eastern Region
Workshop One Friday 16th August | Workshop Two Wednesday 18th September

Workshop One Monday 22nd July | Workshop Two Monday 2nd September

Workshop One 23rd July | Workshop Two 10th September

Workshop One TBA | Workshop Two TBA

Monday 2nd December

For more information or to sign up your students please contact VicSRC Programs and Events Officer: Tom Nice - [email protected] or 0487 503 515.

ALTER is proudly supported by Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership.