Where to now?

The VCAA produces a guide for students on the range of options available to them in their last two years of secondary school it is called 'Where to now'. The VicSRC asks can it be turned into a smart phone app?


On Saturday the 22nd of February, the VicSRC and its Student Executive had the pleasure of meeting with Director of the VCAA, Mr David Howes. The VCAA (Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority) works with the Department of Education on the structure of curriculum and reporting for students from Grade Prep to Year 10, and most importantly with Year 11, 12 and VCE students.The Executive and David discussed each of the six resolutions that were prioritised from the 2013 VicSRC Congress, and also asked questions about assessment and learning methods in the Secondary system.

This included:

Creating a student portal, or a secure email or chat room site for VCE students and their subjects, combined with a list of valuable resources with contribution from the VCAA.

The Australian Curriculum, focusing on the remodelling of both the Victorian Secondary and VCE exams and assessment periods, and the pressures and concerns of exams, the exam layouts and the connection between the content of the exam and the real world.

Producing a VCAL/VET app (A resolution from the 2012 VicSRC Congress) and the possibility of a partnership with the VCAA to create the app, or a website, Facebook or Twitter page as well.

The need for more practical and engaging work in the classroom. The lack of this type of learning environment may be causing many students to drop out early and also the expansion of hands on learning through a study design.

School council’s opinions on teacher dress codes and ways that could make sure those students have enough input into their school’s recommendations.

The experience was really worthwhile, and was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get more of an insight into the fine print of our education, the logistics about the way we are taught and why we are educated the way we are.

Following our meeting with David Howes, we had the pleasure of meeting with CEO of the VCAA Mr John Firth to further discuss our proposal to turn the VCAA 'Where to now' resource into a smartphone app. If you check out the resource you can see they are already thinking about the same kind of thing.

On behalf of all he Executive, I would like give a big thanks to David Howes and John Firth for meeting with us and listening to the views of students. Their comments were much appreciated and gave us a broader understanding of Victoria’s education system.Kristen Sellings
VicSRC Executive 2013/14

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