It was all aboard last Wednesday, as the VicSRC student executive and staff headed north to Rubicon for three days of rest, relaxation…and planning. On the agenda for the three days were some important decisions, interesting discussions, and many a game of pool and table tennis.

We got straight into it on Wednesday with some great discussion around Congress 2018 (!!!). One exciting thing that came out of day one were some updates about the Congress app, which will host the voting platform for selecting our top issues and could even include a booking system for the various workshops.

Before dinner the pool sharks came out of hiding, and I, Cohen, suffered many losses at the hands of Will, Ryan and Tobi over the next few days. Anya, Alyssa, Mia and Wren’s Just Dance skills hadn’t been witnessed yet, but they couldn’t hold in the irresistible urge to break out in ridiculous dance to terrible songs much longer…

On Thursday the real planning started to happen…for our Congress 2018 gala dinner costumes!!! The theme will be ‘Four Decades in One Night’, and yes, ABBA will be featuring in this mixed up extravaganza of 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s attire. In the afternoon we broke off into action groups to plan for Congress, organise the next exec elections, and continue work in the Student Voice Hub and student rights working groups, with the general consensus that it was a very productive session across the board.

Friday was just a cruisy morning meeting, with fresh faces all around the room despite filling up Thursday night with sing alongs and an entertaining round of Just Dance. We discussed workshop ideas for Congress, so stay tuned for the cracking sessions running in breakout time this year.

Then, when the minutes document was full, and the buzz of ideas in our brains had settled, all that was left was a reluctant goodbye to Rubicon and our lovely host and cook, Natalie. We had a wonderful, relaxing, yet uber-productive time, and I can’t wait for our next camp…the biggest one of all…CONGRESS 2018!!!

Cohen Saunders

VicSRC Student Executive

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