#VicSRCvoices: Turning the Corners

Mental health and wellbeing is one of the most pressing issues affecting students. So where do we start to fix it? The Corners group at Bellarine Secondary College are bringing mental health front of mind and making a big impact. In her first blog for #VicSRCvoices, Gabbi Giles shares their story.

Mental health in schools

The newest Vic SRC group at Bellarine Secondary Collage is Corners. Corners is a Mental Health group, aiming to support and protect students who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and learning disorders. In our school, we are working to raise awareness of the issues that many students face and offer ways of overcoming them.

The group was only recently formed and our initial goals are around the basis of students having a voice and support from both other students and various teachers around our college. We want a safe “Corner” (hence the name) for students to come and finally to raise money to put towards maintaining our group and contributing to community based mental health organisations.

Corners is working towards obtaining an area for students in need, including painted crates to sit on and against, several activities and puzzles. We aim to create an environment that the students at our school can come to when in need and help calm them down or cheer them up.

The students in Corners, those who are currently setting it up and will run it in the future are of a variety of ages, interests and skills, but we all have one thing in common. We all have strong feelings about the subject of mental health, all want to give the population an understanding of the harsh reality of mental illness, and we all think this is the best place to start. We hope many more students have the same ideas in mind, who would like to be a part of Corner’s at Bellarine Secondary College

So far, we have six members in Corners; we are going to advertise the new group and hope to gain some additional members. At the start of next semester, we hope to have more members, and to start having a space for the students to come and talk or just sit and do activities. We hope Corners will be up and running around the third or fourth week.

At Bellarine Secondary College the group named ‘Stand out’ who helps support the LGBT+ community previously ran ‘R U OK day’. Corners, as a mental health group, are now taking the baton for ‘R U OK day’ to make it even bigger and better at Bellarine Secondary College.


Words by Gabbi Giles with AJ, Belle, Cassi, Charisma, Claire - founding memebers of Corners at Bellarine Secondary College

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