#VicSRCvoices: There are always opportunities on the horizon

As one of the first members of the VicSRC Ambassadors program, Arshad Auhammud reflects on his experience as part of the trial program in 2017, how he found his way to being an Ambassador and what he hopes to achieve. Stay tuned for more info about the program’s expansion in 2018!

“When you miss out on an opportunity, always be ready to grab the next one that rises on the horizon.

That was my first thought when I heard about the VicSRC Ambassadors program at Congress 2017 and knew it was my pathway to work with the VicSRC.

Let me introduce myself my name is Arshad Auhammud, a Year 11 student (2017) of Minaret College Springvale. It was through my school Student Representative Council, now officially known as the Student Voice of Minaret that I first learnt about the VicSRC.

During one of our weekly council meetings my teacher Br Seyit, an advocate for student voice in our school and facilitator of the student council asked members of the council if they would be interested in attending the 2016 VicSRC Congress.

Due to my curious nature, I became intrigued and eventually signed up.

My first initial reaction to Congress was to the massive turnout of students from various parts of Victoria; amazing individuals who shared similar viewpoints about student voice becoming more prominent both within their school communities and on a state level. And those who had differing opinions were never shut down, instead they were listened to and their thoughts welcomed.

At our first Ambassadors meeting, it was great to see some familiar faces and awesome to meet the new ones I would be working with.

My first goal during my time as a VicSRC Ambassador is to achieve a closer relationship between the Student Voice of Minaret and the VicSRC.

Many members of the school council have little or no knowledge about the organisation and are often reluctant to attend the great events being held by the VicSRC.

I believe many of the students at Minerat College have the potential to secure roles within the VicSRC such as Student Executive members or Ambassadors.

My second goal as an Ambassador is to raise awareness about Student Rights and let students know that they can speak up against unfair judgement being made towards them.
As students spend roughly six hours a day at school they are well aware of the issues in education that need to be addressed. Students need to be able to give their opinion and for it to be taken in consideration without being shut down.

I am fortunate to participate in the Ambassadors program and even though it is the first time to have ever been done, it has the potential to become something great in the near future.


#VicSRCvoices is a rolling series driven by the stories and experiences of student representatives. It’s about who we are; what we value; what drives us to act; and what fuels our passions to advocate for what we believe in.

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