#VicSRCvoices: Teamwork makes the dream work

Resisting the temptation to talk too much can be half the battle when is comes to teamwork. 17 year old Chester Ngan shares how taking a step back and enabling others to contribute can create truly extraordinary outcomes. 

#VicSRCvoices, Chester Ngan

“Teamwork makes the dream work” – John C Maxwell

A team is a group of people working together towards a common goal.

As cliché as it may sound, there is no ‘I’ in team. There is less of ‘me’ and more of ‘we’. As individual leaders, we all have different ideas and different opinions, and sometimes they are strong. But a lot of the time they aren’t as strong and as innovative as what a team can come up with. Leaders need to build a team that can innovate – a team that exploits people’s collective genius – to produce something truly original.

A group effort is stronger and much more effective than working individually because two heads are better than one. Every individual is different and has unique skills, qualities and abilities. When each individual contributes to the team, different skills are applied and different ideas are put forward; thus, work efficiency increases and more effective solutions and plans are created.

Teamwork means going through a shared process of discovery. A process in which ideas are bounced off each other, improved on and cultivated by a group of people working together. Although in a team there may be team leaders, such as, school captains, SRC presidents, school ambassadors, etc., “working together” means that team leaders need to take step back and allow others to contribute to truly create extraordinary outcomes. The purpose of a team leader is to work with their team to create plans or find solutions that work best collectively.

Together, everyone achieves more. That’s why teamwork is important.

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