#VicSRCvoices: Social media and SRCs

Because nearly everyone is on social media, having a social media profile for your SRC team is very useful. Chester Ngan shares his big tips for big impact.

Social media and SRCs

Why should my team have a presence on social media?

Being visible

Your peers may already know you and what you do through posters, notices and announcements but going on social media strengthens your presence. And because students generally go on social media after school, it will help make your team more noticeable and approachable.

Updating and Informing

Using social media as a publicity tool is an effective way of informing your peers about upcoming events or activities as they are likely to notice your post in their newsfeed.

Involving and Engaging

You can involve and engage your followers through social media by posting updates on your progress as their SRC. You could also make exclusive competitions or give your peers a platform to express their ideas and opinions. Sharing photos of events and student achievements also increases likes, comments and followers. This improves student engagement and connectedness to school.

How can my team start up a social media profile?

1.      Plan

Firstly, identify which social media platform your team would like to jump on board – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. – then ask for permission from the relevant leading teacher / principal.


2.      Execute

Join your preferred social media platform. It would be better if your team used an email account that every team member can access rather than an individual’s email. Make sure your profile name is relevant to ensure that your peers know who you are.


3.      Publish

Once you’re done setting up your team’s profile, publish it. Promote it at assemblies, through posters, etc. to gain as many followers as you can.


4.      Improve and Maintain

Post regularly so that your peers are engaged but don’t post too often that you’re clogging up their newsfeed. Take note of what your followers ‘like’ to see what types of posts are working. Keep this in mind when trying to improve your reach.

Some examples…

Here are some of the things that some SRCs / student leadership teams do well with their social media profiles:

Macrob’s SRC has shared posts of their SRC in action and photos of school events and activities which update followers on the things that occur within the school.



Elwood College SRC’s Facebook page is similar to Macrob’s in that it promotes their SRC. They have also promoted their events well, particularly through regular updates and hashtags.


Bendigo South East College’s Instagram profile is filled with photos of student achievements. Sharing student achievements on social media effectively attracts likes and comments.


Thornbury High School’s posts range from photos of student activities to updates for the community. Their page targets not only those who are part of the school, but also their prospective students and parents, and their wider school community. The range of demographics helps promote their school.


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