#VicSRCvoices: Making real change

Change is a sequence of small steps forward. So how can you turn small ideas into big results? 17 year old Chester Ngan from Mount Waverley Secondary College shares four tools that make a big difference.

Students making real change in schools

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Some may think that creating change is difficult, and that change only comes from big ideas. But the thing is, you don’t have to organise a fete or a huge event to positively impact your peers or your school community. Yes, big leaps may lead to a big difference, but small steps do too.

Sometimes it’s not about the big idea or the huge leaps. Sometimes it’s about the tiny steps, tiny attempts, tiny mistakes, tiny successes and tiny changes that make a difference. Change is a sequence of small steps forward.

For example, showing viral videos at assemblies or putting up quotes around the school can motivate, inspire and encourage students which will lead to an overall boost in student morale.

Things like random acts of kindness, helping fellow students and organising small lunchtime activities like blowing bubbles can make school life much more enjoyable.

Not only can a small idea potentially lead to a big, positive change, it saves time as it should be quick and easy to organise, and it’s budget-friendly as not a lot of money needs to be invested in the idea.

So how can you turn small ideas into big results?

1.   Start thinking
Brainstorm small, random, innovative ideas to get started. Get creative and think both inside and outside the box. Also think about the impact it might have.

2.   Realize that no idea is too small
If you’re second guessing your idea because you think it’s too small, don’t worry, it’s not! You can create the biggest of changes with the smallest of ideas. 

3.   Be positive, patient and persistent
Have faith in your idea. It may take a while for success to be visible but be patient and stick to the idea.

4.  Maximize your potential with student input
Get student input – ask your peers for ideas on how to improve your idea, or ask them for new ideas. Your actions are generally targeting your peers so consulting them for their small ideas could lead to a big, positive change.

#VicSRCvoices is a rolling series driven by the stories and experiences of student representatives. It’s about who we are; what we value; what drives us to act; and what fuels our passions to advocate for what we believe in.

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