SRCs in Focus: Student leadership at Mac.Rob

#VicSRCvoices is a rolling series driven by the stories and experiences of student representatives. It’s about who we are; what we value; what drives us to act; and what fuels our passions to advocate for what we believe in. This week, Demi Tangri (16) gives us the inside look at Mac.Rob, and how the Creating Conversations initiative is paving the way for great student-teacher relationships.

Demi Tangri

Student Representative Council. These are powerful words. A vast majority of schools in metropolitan and rural Victoria have established an SRC, where passionate students in each year level represent their whole cohort and stand as a driving force for change, for the better.

At Mac.Rob, we believe that we must take charge of our own education.

We value differing opinions and believe that every single student has a right to speak, and be heard. This year, as part of trying to foster healthy relationships between teachers and students and making the school environment more comfortable, the SRC started an initiative called Creating Conversations. This aimed to evoke rich discussion around what our school community believes are areas for improvement, ideas for refining the way we do things, and spaces wherein there are further opportunities for open dialogue. Among other things, we are also trying to introduce students on teacher recruitment panels.

Through these advances, we aim to level the differences between the Administrative Staff and students. The decisions made affect us, so it only seems fair that we have a right to contribute in the process. While discussions were being held by both the students and teachers, concerning similar ideas about the development and future of our school, these remained confined to just the one group.

Both parties have information of value, which when shared, would be much more suited to provide a holistic solution to a common problem.

We are currently working towards create a more equal platform for students and teachers to collaborate. As of next year, student representatives will work in conjunction with the Executive Leadership to share ideas and work on initiatives around the areas of curriculum, pedagogy, student wellbeing, buildings and grounds, and administrative matters. We are very much trying to take our education into our own hands, and make decisions that affect us, ourselves. By no means does this mean our teachers are redundant - we only seek to have a greater say, a greater importance in the decision making of our school.

We believe student voice, needs to be accompanied by student action. Backed by a team of driven, passionate girls like myself, we hope to make a real difference for the better.

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