#VicSRCvoices: Beyond your boundaries

It’s that time of year when people are applying for school captainship, SRC, house leadership positions and more. So how do go beyond your boundaries into sea of opportunities? Liang Xue from Suzanne Cory High School offers some gentle encouragement when you need it most.

You can do it

Applications are being lodged, speeches being written and nerves buzzing around.

People have taken some time to ask me about what a certain leadership role may entail, and have open a path for me to share some personal experiences. Often, we do feel as if it is daunting to put our name out there, face an uncertain outcome, and potentially deal with rejection. This is completely understandable, as nobody really does want to experience negative emotions, when they can be simply just avoided all together by not trying. It is a personal conflict of “yes just do it!!”, “is it really worth it?” and “do I really want to go through the whole process?”.

At the end of the day, it is ultimately your decision, it boils down to what you want and what you are comfortable with. If you want to go for a new leadership position, do not hold yourself back and deny yourself that chance. If you believe that you have not been as involved in the school environment compared to others, but wish to start now - absolutely go for it. We must not let the past and what we did not do impair what we can start doing.

Many of us also go through the process of self-doubt, and believing that there are better people out there to fill particular roles. You question your abilities and wonder if you can really do a good job at that leadership role.

In all honesty:

  • You are more than capable,

  • You have a good heart and

  • You want to make your school a better place for everyone.

Take out the application, and know that you have something to write in all the different criteria that you are not short on anything. The title of “school captain” or “student exec” is nothing without people like you, who bring your own qualities, enthusiasm in your voices and twinkles in your eyes to the table. It is each and every single one of you who put their time, energy and effort into bringing the roar of student voices to life.

Keep on sharing your unique ideas and sharing your vision of a better tomorrow.

- Liang Xue, Suzanne Cory High School

#VicSRCvoices is a rolling series driven by the stories and experiences of student representatives. It’s about who we are; what we value; what drives us to act; and what fuels our passions to advocate for what we believe in.

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