#VicSRCpledge explained: What is it and how to get involved

At Congress 2015, delegates worked together with schools in their region to challenge each other, work together and make pledges for action back at school and in their communities. The outcome? Over 20 commitments to action through #VicSRCpledge


What is #VicSRCpledge?

#VicSRCpledge is a commitment to action made by students across Victoria. It originated out of Congress 2015 and the fierce desire and determination of delegates to make sure that student voices are heard long after the close of Congress. No matter how big or small, #VicSRCpledge empowers every student to take action on issues that matter most to their education, their school and their communities.

Action is happening as we speak! Check out the latest #VicSRCpledge news.

How can we get involved?

Getting involved is easy. Talk with your fellow students in your school and your region. Share ideas about the issues that matter most to your education. Take inspiration from the 2015-2016 Belief Statements passed at Congress 2015, which form VicSRC's advocacy platform. Share ideas about how you want to take action.

Work with your group to make a #VicSRCpledge, write it up on a piece of paper, take a selfie and tag it and VicSRC on social media. We'll keep track of the pledges coming in.

Work on your pledge throughout the year, keeping milestones and goals in mind. At Congress 2016, you'll have the chance to report back on your #VicSRCpledge and share the wins, the challenges and the impact of your commitment to action.

I've made a pledge - who can I keep in touch with at VicSRC for advice and updates?

Tag #VicSRCpledge and #VicSRC on social media so we can keep track of your pledges. Email Fiona Campbell, VicSRC Events & Communications Officer: or call 03 9267 3777 to share ideas and updates.

Remember - we're here to help! We want to get the word out about your projects and share your campaigns all across the state. We are always happy to post about your projects on social media to increase awareness and impact, so don't be shy -

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