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Green Initiatives

Congress 2014 was packed with energetic debate, hotly contested proposals and the drive and determination of 175 secondary students from all across Victoria. Student representatives voted and passed seven resolutions to drive VicSRC advocacy in 2014-2015. So what now? Following the release of the 9th Annual Congress Report 2014, we're breaking down the resolutions into bitesize snapshots for the year ahead. First up: Green Initiatives.

Content complied by Sam Ilobuchi and the VicSRC team from Executive members' reports. Republished with permission via Connect Magazine (209, October 2014).VicSRC Resolutions: Green initiatives

What is the Green Initiatives resolution?

That the VicSRC support the implementation of green initiatives in schools. The aim of these initiatives would be to reduce our carbon footprint and create a more positive environment in terms of sustainability.

Why does it matter?

Green initiatives matter. Our environment matters. Protecting and preserving our resources, increasing access to environmental education, and reducing our carbon footprint to increase environmental sustainability matters. Students across Victoria voiced their concerns at Congress 2014 and determined that we must help Victoria - and in particular, Victorian schools - become a more environmentally sound places for years to come.

What's next?

Led by VicSRC Executive members, Margaret, Sam and Tess, the Green Initiatives resolution is underway. The group plans to create a campaign including a resource to help educate Victorian students and increase awareness generally about climate change and the things that students and their school organisations (SRCs and similar groups) can do to help improve their school and community - including ways to be more environmentally sustainable.

Additionally, they plan to meet and liaise with important decision makes including the Minister of Education and other political parties, and representatives from the Greens and other important environmental groups.

What can I do?

Gressroots support is key! Think about your school's approach to green initiatives and environmental sustainability. Start conversations with your SRC team and school leaders. Find out what green initiatives exist already. Brainstorm ideas on how your schools can increase their green initiatives. . And keep an eye out for our Green Initiatives campaign in 2014-15!


Did you know...

10-16 October is National Recycling Week! It aims to increase the environmental benefits of kerbsite, industrial and community recycling programs. Find out more about the Schools Recycle Right Challenge.



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