Resolution breakdown: Interschool Collaboration

Following the release of the 9th Annual Congress Report 2014, we're breaking down the seven resolutions driving VicSRC advocacy into bitesize snapshots for the year ahead. Next up: Interschool Collaboration.

VicSRC Resolutions 2014: Interschool Collaboration

Content complied by Sam Ilobuchi, Danai Harawa, Kristen Sellings and Lucas Muehleisen. Republished with permission via Connect Magazine (209, October 2014).

What is the Interschool Collaboration resolution?

That the VicSRC resolve to establish links of communicatin and collaboration between schools.

Why does it matter?

When schools work together, great things can happen. Interschool collaboration means that schools will have the ability and infrastructure to share their resources and potentially re-establish cluster networks across Victoria. 

What's next?

The final aim is that schools will have easy access to the resources necessary for them to function efficiently. Exec members Danai, Kristen and Lucas know that this resolution has the possibility of great results; if this dream did come to fruition, all Victorian students' education would be significantly enhanced through collaboration rather than competition.

Think about it - there's strength in union!