VicSRC in the media: Students on School Councils

It's been a big week for VicSRC, and it's culminated in exciting outcomes for students - including the news that big change could be coming to school council decision making!

VicSRC School Councils campaign media

Two years ago at Congress 2015, the call rang out for mandatory student representation on school governance councils. This call came from a student-led resolution passed at VicSRC Congress 2015:

“We believe that there should be mandatory student involvement in decision making processes by partaking in key policy meetings including, but not limited to, school council meetings.”

From little things, big things grown. In 2016, VicSRC undertook a DET-supported research project into representation of students on school governance councils, soft-launched in November 2016. After the official launch this week at Congress 2017, we are thrilled that the Andrews government says it is "seriously considering" an overhaul of school councils to give students a greater say in their education.

Find out how this kernel of an idea turned into real action in two short years from VicSRC Exec, Rocky Sadeghi - and check out the coverage in The Age:

We look forward to continuing to advocate for this project and to see it through to fruition!

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