VicSRC in focus: The Future of Learning

Backed by ten years of experience, research and student voices, the VicSRC Policy Platform underpins all our work - and should be used as a guide to yours. We're breaking down our nine focus areas into bitesize pieces. First up: The Future of Learning.

VicSRC Policy Platform, Goal 1: The Future of Learning

GOAL 1: All schools ensure students have a strong voice in shaping their education, preparing them for a changing world.

Why this matters

We need an education that prepares us for a changing world. In the future, jobs will be
harder to find and we may need to change jobs often or juggle multiple pieces of work
at the same time. If we are to succeed in this kind of world we will need to be good
problem solvers, good communicators, tech savvy and able to cope with change. We will
do best after we leave school if we are engaged in our learning and are resilient, self-motivated learners. Schools need to create learning environments that make this happen.

We will be best prepared for the future if we are supported to be leaders in shaping our
learning and when learning is focused on us, rather than delivering set information. This
happens best when we learn together with teachers, rather than teachers simply giving
information to their class. Our schools need to be places in which students are the
central concern, so that all students can participate successfully in the school.

We have important insights and ideas to share to help shape the future of learning and
teaching in our school. When all students have a genuine opportunity to share their voice,
our schools are stronger.


  • All schools have formal ways for their students to review their teaching and learning to help it improve.

  • We can choose topics to study that interest and inspire us.

  • All schools adopt ‘student-centred’ approaches that enable students to be active partners in their own learning and active contributors to decision-making withinthe school.

  • Learning goes beyond the classroom and we can see how each activity is useful and relevant to our lives.

  • Schools support and train students as ‘technology leaders’ within their school helping them develop real-world skills.

"We need to ensure that we students are included in the governing of our schools because what we students learn, think and do now, will affect generations to come."

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