VicSRC in focus: Sustainability

In our ninth and final bitesize piece of the VicSRC Policy Platform, we break down our next focus area: Sustainability. See how it underpins all our work - and can be used as a guide to yours. 

VicSRC in focus: Sustainability

GOAL 9: Every school works towards a more sustainabile future.

Why this matters

Sustainability is important to us. As leaders of today and tomorrow, we want to shape the world in which we live.

Schools can help alleviate the major environmental challenges Australia faces including pollution, species loss, climate change and land degradation.

We learn better in sustainable schools. Learning about a real-world issue, such as sustainability, helps us feel that our education is relevant and connected to life beyond school. Also, sustainable schools often have better connections with their community, parents and carers, which has strong benefits for learning. Finally, sustainable schools save money on running costs to spend on teaching and learning.

Sustainable schools help create an environmentally responsible society. Involving us in sustainability projects helps us learn about practices that are often then adopted by our families.


  • Expand and develop the 5 Star Leadership program that helps schools become more sustainable.

  • All schools have a sustainability plan that the whole school community knows about and is working on.

  • All teachers have professional development on environmental education.

  • Schools ask their SRCs to work on sustainability projects, committees and initiatives.

  • Schools create student-led and student-partnered sustainability and environmental committees and groups to lead action in these areas.

“My school has a beautiful view of the Strzlecki ranges and surrounding bushland, so it is important to help schools work towards a more sustainable future in  order to keep these natural wonders. Apart from helping schools save on utilities that can be spent on programs for young people, making a sustainable future by teaching students about sustainability helps them develop good practices in life, and helps them become good global citizens.”

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