VicSRC in focus: Student Voice in Policy and Program Development

The VicSRC Policy Platform underpins all our work - and should be used as a guide to yours. We're breaking down our nine focus areas into bitesize pieces. Next up: Student Voice in Policy and Program Development.

VicSRC Policy Platform, Goal 2: Students meaningfully participate in policy and program development processes


GOAL 2: Students meaningfully participate in policy and program development processes.

Why this matters

For students to influence the way education is delivered in Victoria we need to participate
in decision-making about education policy and programs. If we only have opportunities
to participate in decision-making about our schools, we miss out on giving input into
important decisions that affect the ways education is provided.

It is important that education policy and program development is based on a strong
understanding of the needs and experiences of students. If government hears our voices,
education policy and programs will better meet our needs and aspirations.

When governments listen to us, they show the community and schools that our voice
matters. The Victorian Government’s support for the VicSRC shows that student voice is
important and helps to support student participation across the State.


  • The Victorian State Government continues to listen to the voices of students when developing policy and programs that affect them.

  • That the Victorian State Government continues to support the work of the VicSRC as a key platform for student participation.

  • That the Victorian Government listens to students about a range of issues that affect their lives, not just education.

  • That when students are invited to participate in policy or program decision-making processes they are supported through:

    • ensuring they are not the ‘sole voice’ and a minimum of two young people are invited

    • timelines allow and enable young people to consult more widely to ensure that diverse student voice are heard

    • removing barriers to participation for young people and creating safe spaces for participation, (further information about what this means can be found at the YERP online resource:

“It's vital that we have students, policy makers and educational professionals at the decision-making table TOGETHER to create a well-rounded education system where students can feel empowered and thrive in the best way possible.”


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