VicSRC in focus: School Funding and Resourcing

In our fifth bitesize piece of the VicSRC Policy Platform, we break down our next focus area: School Funding and Resourcing. See how it underpins all our work - and can be used as a guide to yours. 

VicSRC in focus: School Funding the Resourcing

GOAL 5: All students have access to high quality teaching, facilities and resources.

Why this matters

All young people should receive a high quality education. This happens best with good facilities and quality teaching. When schools have enough funding to provide high quality facilities and to support teachers properly, our learning benefits, we take pride in our school and expect more of ourselves and each other.

At present not all schools have high quality facilities or can attract, support and keep quality teachers. Students in disadvantaged areas are less likely to have access to the best facilities and teachers than students in well-off areas and in private schools.

The best way to ensure every student has good facilities and good teachers is needs-based funding, where schools receive funding according to the state of their existing facilities and the needs of their students. In this way, those that need more help receive it.


  • A needs-based model is used to determine school funding.

  • Students are involved in allocating resources to schools through student forums,
    school councils, finance subcommittees and the state-wide School Policy and Funding
    Advisory Council.

  • There is increased transparency and openness around funding to make sure that
    funding is fair, transparent and easy to understand for students and the community.

  • Schools and education are viewed as an investment, not an expense. This should be a bi-partisan issue and not a political football.

“Maximising learning space ensures that students are gaining a diverse range of learning techniques setting them up for the future.”

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