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The Exec training and planning day held on Wednesday 21st January was a great bonding opportunity for the whole exec team.  While we already had a great working relationship, this day along with the camp helped to solidify relationships and trust between us. 

VicSRC mission statement

Content written by Spencer Davis, VicSRC Executive 2014-2015

Together as a group we managed to muster great energy throughout the day, so that even when some of us began to tire we could keep up and motivated through each other.  We all learnt many skills that can help us in our Exec term and our daily lives and possible futures. 

The presenters spoke of matters that could really hit home and were easily required.  We were joined by Pete Goss from the Grattan Institute, who gave us an in-depth look into the federal and state education policy landscape. It was fascinating and so helpful to see the links with our 2014-2015 Resolutions.

Our second presenter for the day was Nathan Strempel. Nathan is a blogger, MC, radio host, one-time Big Brother contestant and presenter, and he took us through a journey of media training. A big highlight was facing some of our fears; filimng ourselves to camera and then giving each other constructive feedback. Most importantly, the session helped us do the prep work to land on a new VicSRC mission statement:

"We exist to empower all student voices to be valued in every aspect of education."

Days like these can set up a multitude of opportunities for the executive as both individuals and as a group.  It also means that when the Executive is required for either quotes, interviews or meetings we can show a much more professional persona, raising both personal and VicSRC profiles.  

The energy from this day has continued to carry on with a surge of activity happening on our portfolios.  We continue to keep in regular contact as we further develop our advocacy work. This has certainly set up a good working base and relationship for the Exec team, staff and volunteers in 2015 - the 10th anniversary year of VicSRC!

VicSRC Executive Training Day, January 21 2015

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