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We are proud to present the VicSRC Education State Submission! In launching the Education State consultation, the Andrews Labor Government has asked all Victorians to have their say about the future of our education system. Capturing student voice is crucial in this project. 

VicSRC Education State

We can’t call ourselves the education state if we aren’t looking after the education and wellbeing of our students.

15 years old, The Mac.Robertson Girl’s High School

We believe that when schools engage student voices, they create opportunities to facilitate a stronger sense of membership, resulting in students who feel more positive about school, respect and self-worth.

Students feel positive about themselves as learners, enabling them to better manage their own progress in learning agency and realising they can have impact on things that matter to them. We see the consultation process as a critical opportunity to talk about the importance of student voice in education, and to provide practical and tangible examples. 

In an effort to capture the thoughts, feedback and ideas of Victorian students about the Education State, VicSRC sent out a survey to all member schools. Our survey asked students to reflect on questions designed around the eight Education State focus areas determined by the Government. The survey received a very strong response, from 352 students across 32 schools. We think that this in itself is a significant reflection on the importance of both student voice and providing opportunities for this to be heard.

Student responses revolved around four key areas:

  • The school environment and student engagement
  • The curriculum
  • Funding and equality
  • Wellbeing

These areas of focus align with the VicSRC policy statements developed over the last decade, as well as the areas of interest set by the 170 students who attended the VicSRC’s 2015 Congress. This submission is set out be explore students perspective of the current state of education, what students hope for the education state and recommendations. The submission is framed around the four themes listed above and includes 6 recommendations around the future of the Education state. 

Download your copy of the full VicSRC Education State Submission (PDF)

Download your copy of the VicSRC Education State Submission - Snapshot (PDF)

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