Every Friday night from 8:00pm to 9:30pm, thirty to forty youth come and gather together to Anthem, playing ice breakers and games before a time of praise and worship, followed by a message preached by our own Youth Pastor, and sometimes even guest speakers. We’re a Christian group which aims to spread love to anybody and everybody just as Jesus had demonstrated, and we accept people of all demographics, religions and cultures to come along and have fun.

Having the privilege to be a student-leader at this youth group has given me confidence, responsibility and influence over a multitude of youth students who come from suburbs across the south-east. As a student-leader, having the responsibility to come up with new games involving forty plus people every week and executing it enthusiastically, alongside the frequent role of being the MC of the night, can creep up into taking a couple of hours throughout the week to prepare, but the outcome never fails to put a smile on my face as I see a significantly large group of youth engaging together and enjoying themselves at this very youth group that I, myself, grew up in. The opportunity to spread love and create a positive influence over such a big group of people gives me confidence in myself, knowing that I can make a difference in the world, with my age, culture and history. Another role I have taken up in this youth group is to be a part of the worship team, leading the group into a time of praise and worship where no judgement is found and all freedom is encouraged. Standing on the stage in front of the youth that I call ‘family’ brings a sense of joy and passion to give my best to God because he first gave for me. Overall, being a leader in Anthem has empowered me to do more with myself, stepping out to challenge myself in greater things and knocking down the stigma that young people can’t make change.

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