During my time in school, I’ve had the honour to hold a wide variety of leadership positions: from being SRC captain, class captain, a part of wellbeing teams, a peer mentor, student action team member, on two student-led committees, and finally a member of the VicSRC 2017-2018 Executive team. Holding these positions, I’ve learnt that leadership is more about what you can do for others rather than what personal benefits you can gain. Leadership is not always about making speeches or getting in front of the microphone at assemblies. It’s about the work that happens behind the scenes and attending meetings. About inspiring others through your actions to grasp opportunities with both hands, helping them to develop their skills whilst you lead from the back. Sometimes, it is about having those difficult conversations with your year level to address issues that no one wants to talk about. It is about making those tough decisions and being blunt, because, well, somebody has to. Yes, it may mean that at times, you’re not the most liked, but you have to do what’s necessary for the voice of people to be heard, even if you stand alone in that moment. Because making sure not only your voice, but everyone’s voice is amplified is the ultimate goal. Because in the end, you have to ask yourself; what is your leadership legacy? Mine, being that: true leaders genuinely care about their people. They have the compassion to listen to the needs of others but at the same time, are simply doing what needs to be done.


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