Green initiatives matter!

To coincide with EnviroWeek (30 Aug - 5 Sep 2015), we're excited to share our updated resource to help students take action in their schools.

VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit

At the 2014 VicSRC Congress, secondary students from around the state voted for ‘an increase of green initiatives in schools with the aim of increasing environmental awareness and sustainability in schools’. 

Why does it matter?

Green initiatives matter. Our environment matters. Protecting and preserving our resources, increasing access to environmental education, and reducing our carbon footprint to increase environmental sustainability matters.

Students across Victoria voiced their concerns at Congress 2014 and determined that we must help Victoria - and in particular, Victorian schools - become a more environmentally sound places for years to come.

The VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit

2014-2015 VicSRC Executive members, Margaret Tran, Sam Ilobuchi and Tess Shacklock led the charge to help educate Victorian students and increase awareness generally about climate change and the things that students and their school organisations (SRCs and similar groups) can do to help improve their school and community - including ways to be more environmentally sustainable.

Students tell us that they want their schools to be more environmentally friendly and that they want to be part of making these necessary changes. When VicSRC looked into this, we found that there are a lot of organisations and groups that want schools to be more environmentally friendly too.

The 2015 edition of the VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit is a guide for students and teachers to provide a brief introduction to some of the best opportunities and organisations we found, including the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, CERES, the National Solar Schools Program, Students of Sustainability and more.

We hope that it helps you take action in your school, and we hope you find the information useful in YOUR quest for an environmentally friendly school!

Download your copy of the VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit

VicSRC Environmental Resource Kit

Enviroweek is run by Cool Australia, a not-for-profit bringing sustainability into classrooms through curriculum-aligned resources for teachers and students in all subject areas.

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