Hot off the press: the VicSRC Congress 2016 Report

VicSRC Congress is a melting pot of ideas and student-led solutions. We are thrilled to share the 11th Annual VicSRC Congress 2016 Report!

Conress 2016 Report

VicSRC Congress 2016 Report (view online)

VicSRC Congress 2016 Report (PDF version)

180 students from 68 schools were brought together from all across the state to debate, decide and act on the issues that matter most to their education in 2016. With over a decade of student-led advocacy and action behind us, 2016 presented an opportunity to say ‘Yes, and…’, then work out how.

  • It was the first time we’ve done electronic voting.

  • The first time we reached 84,000 people on social media.

  • The first time we received a personal message of support from the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews MP.

  • And the very first time VicSRC delivered student-led solutions at an Open Morning with 300 participants.

This report provides an overview of Congress 2016 and ten solutions to issues affecting
education that matter most to Victorian students.

We urge all students, teachers, principals and education sector stakeholders across Australia to consider how they can adopt and implement the student-led initiatives within their settings.

Student voices rang out, and the message is clear. We have the power to turn ideas into action!


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