Student Voice Workshops 2018 - Term 1


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It’s been another cracking month for the Student Voice Workshops, with our facilitators Kate and Matty getting rural for the Castlemaine and Mildura iterations. The first workshop, held at Castlemaine Secondary College saw a very varied and interesting range of ideas and plans being presented, showing the broad scope of student voice, even just within this one region.

The Castlemaine workshop was attended by six schools, and attracted students from over two hours away, who were keen to get up bright and early to brainstorm ways to make their school a better place. There was an amazing energy in the room, and, as an attending VicSRC Executive member, the diversity of voices, and the student’s ability to break down an issue to the fundamental factors blew me away.

I could definitely see the Student Voice Workshops’ 2018 theme of collaboration shining through, and everyone’s willingness to share, learn and accept new ideas was apparent from the get-go. I sat on a table with two students and two teachers, all from different schools, and while everyone’s understanding of student voice was different we were all excited to learn from one another and take these new ideas back to our schools.

The highlight of the day was definitely everyone’s involvement with the presentations. The audience wasn’t shy about giving feedback or piping up ‘I want to do that at my school!’. We all had a part to play in making sure everyone’s plan was the best it could be.

Overall, the secondary Castlemaine Student Voice Workshop was a great success, and I can’t wait to see what action has come out of the ideas generated when we get together again in the second half of the year.

Cohen Saunders

VicSRC Student Executive

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