Technology in schools

Students want access to a secure student portal where all lessons, key teachings and discussions are filmed or recorded.

The resolution consider the most important at Congress 2013 was for the VicSRC to develop; a pilot program is developed and tested in a range of VCE classes across a variety of subjects, where all lessons, key teachings and discussions are filmed and/or recorded and uploaded for student use on a secure student portal.

Three representatives from the VicSRC attended a meeting with the NEC to further develop our congress resolutions. The meeting was a great way for the VicSRC to build a connection with the NEC, which is a company that will be taking over the Ultranet and turning this online platform into Gen ED. GenED is the result of a multi-year partnership between the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and NEC. NEC has created a robust platform which teachers, students and parents are using to achieve increased engagement and improved educational outcomes.

NEC will run a pilot program for Resolution 1 with one high school next year so we can evaluate the success of filming and recording all lessons. VicSRC also agreed that we would act as a student advisory body for Gen ED and ensure that components of Resolution 1 and 2 are incorporated into the development of the program. We decided that a biannual meeting would take place between the VicSRC and NEC to consult on the development of Gen ED. It was a beneficial meeting that will ensure that our top two resolutions; which were voted on by students, are fulfilled and completed to the best of the Executives ability.

Margaret Tran
VicSRC Executive




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