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On Tuesday the 5th of June, the SLC Teach The Teacher group consisting of nine students, ran a workshop with all the leadership team including principals, leading teachers and aspirant leaders. Students planned the entire workshop including what we would do, what the focus was going to be and how we wanted to run it. We then ran the entire workshop all on our own.

As a group we had many discussions and decided that we wanted to focus on feedback, and how our teachers and school can improve the way we receive quality feedback. As this was our focus we broke this big idea into four subgroups; parent student teacher conferences, specific and personalised feedback, reviewing the lesson and getting prompt feedback.

It was fascinating to hear about all the different ways the teachers approach feedback and the strategies that they use. Especially when it came to ideas that we had never heard/thought of before, as well as the amount of work teachers put in when giving constructive feedback. Throughout this workshop ,it was a discussion between us students and the teachers on what we would like to see, what works for us and how we can improve.

Overall it was a very engaging and fun workshop that I think everyone has learnt from.  I think it is safe to say that it was very successful and everyone got a lot out of it. Thank you to all teachers who participated and we hope that you gained something from this experience.  We are hoping to offer this workshop to more teacher next term.

Michaela, Year 9 SLC Member Frankston High School

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