Age does not define capacity:
takeaways from VicSRC Executive Camp

"What is my passion? The idea that age does not define capacity. We are all infinitely capable, no matter what our age is."
Danai, VicSRC Executive Camp, September 2014

VicSRC Executive Camp, capacity feature photo

What do you do when the wind is howling, the sun's beating down, you're climbing a wall 10 metres above the ground, you're blindfolded and all that's keeping you safe is a few knots, lengths of rope and your team members on the ground?

You do what the VicSRC Executive team did: steady your thoughts, embrace the unknown, work together and drive each other forward. 

This collaborative and supportive approach was evident throughout the entirety of the first VicSRC Executive Camp for the 2014-2015 team. The weather was fine, the energy was high, the conversation and ideas coming thick and fast throughout the time our Exec spent at Rubicon Outdoor Centre on September 24-26.

"I feel very strongly abut injustice and inequality. No matter who you are or where you come from, how old you are and what you believe, everyone should be equal."
Sammy, VicSRC Executive Camp, September 2014

Over three days we traversed a range of activities:

- The ins-and-outs of VicSRC's structure, relationships, core programs and work;
- Operational planning across our Strategy, Liaison, Communications and Events portfolios;
- Workshopping how to run effective campaigns with the Australian Education Union;
- Breaking down communications and social media channels;
- Prepping for the 2014 VicSRC Recognition Awards; and
- The big one: Resolution planning, refining our vision, goals, objectives, strategies and tactics for the year ahead.

The level of collaboration and facilitation exhibited by the team reflected our determination to put the voices of Victorian students front and centre. And speaking of voices - some of the most nuanced, insightful and revealing explorations during camp emerged from our group reflections. We explored who we are; what we value; what makes us angry enough to act; and what fuels our passions to advocate for what we believe in. In essense, why we were all there.

"The reason I'm here is so that every young person is given the chance to show what they're capable of. Just because we're in leadership positions doesn't mean we're the only ones capable of being leaders - all young people are. Leadership is not elite, it's not limited. And that's why I'm here - to make it so that all students are given that chance."
Qais, VicSRC Executive Camp, September 2014

The first Executive camp wouldn't have been possible without the energy and drive of our Exec, supported by the VicSRC staff and our tireless volunteers, David Mould and Roger Holdsworth. Big thanks also goes to ROSA and Rubicon Outdoor Centre for providing us with a space to do great work (and climb to great heights). The September camp was an incredible start to what promises to be a productive, creative and driven year.


Photo collage of our Exec in action at Executive Camp

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