Participation in education is the main way out of poverty

State Schools Relief believes that this pathway must remain open for every child and young person - and so do we. 

State Schools Relief

During Anti-Poverty Week this year (11-17 October), we worked with State Schools Relief to shine a light on poverty and education in Victoria. Did you know that children from poorer families are six times more likely to go to school without breakfast than students from wealthier backgrounds? One in six children live below the poverty line in Australia which greatly impacts their access to lasting education and learning.

We believe that every student, regardless of background, can fully access education. State Schools Relief works to ensure that this happens by providing services that make a big difference to families - including access to school uniforms.

State Schools’ Relief helps students with footwear and clothing for school:

"Having a uniform and looking like everyone else ensures that all students feel included and valued. It provides everyone, regardless of background, with the opportunity to participate fully in schooling.

"It would be almost impossible to find a State School, no matter how prosperous, which has not had at least one student who has received assistance from us in the past 83 years.

"We have supported tens of thousands of young Victorians and their families, clothing 1 in 60 kids for school each year."

Whether you're a student, a parent, or a school, you can find out more about the services provided by State Schools Relief on their website

Do you want to do more? You can also support State Schools Relief by participating in Anti-Poverty Week, running awareness campaigns in school and holding fundraisers to support their work. Check out their State Schools Relief latest new to give you some ideas.

Parents can also check out the new Click to Sell app, which creates an easy way to buy and sell used school uniforms:

State Schools Relief Click to Sell app


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