Snapshot: VicSRC 2017-2020 Strategic Plan

The future is bright. We are excited to share the snapshot of VicSRC's 2017-2020 Strategic Plan!

VicSRC Strategic Plan 2017-2020 snapshot

A huge focus of the outgoing 2016-2017 Executive team was to work on future-proofing VicSRC. The process gave them the opportunity to really think about where the VicSRC has been, where we are now and where we’ll be going. We are thrilled to present our snapshot: 

1.       VicSRC is a key thought-leader in education

We do this by developing and sharing ideas and vision about student voice, agency and participation in education.

Where we are now…
We listen to students; we discuss, debate and share ideas; we circulate resources and best practice studies both online and face-to-face

Where we’ll be by 2020…
VicSRC will be recognised locally and internationally as a key thought-leader in student-led education, through the work we initiate and facilitate

2.       VicSRC is a change-maker

We do this by taking part in educational decisions, alongside others, and advocating directly to key decision-makers within all levels of the education system, in order to change policies and practices to create better outcomes for all students.

Where we are now…
We are contributing widely to a range of decision-making bodies. We respond and consult on upcoming policy and procedural changes within the Department of Education.

Where we’ll be by 2020…
VicSRC will be at the forefront of student decision-making  within regarding the education sector both locally and internationally.

3.       VicSRC is a capacity-builder

We do this by increasing the skills and knowledge of students, their organisations and those who work with them, to assist them to create change.

Where we are now…
We engage with over 50% of all Victorian secondary schools, providing training, events, and resources to empower students.

Where we will be in 2020…
VicSRC will engage with every secondary school and most primary schools across Victoria, including schools within the Government, Independent, Catholic and the flexible learning sectors.

4.       VicSRC is a sustainable influence

We do this by continually seeking to increase the capacity, relevance, effectiveness and reach of the organisation and its vision.

Where we are now…
We are governed by a 15 member elected student Executive board, and reach over 1000 students through our events and training programs. Financially supported by the Department of Education, Catholic Education Melbourne, Newsboys Foundation, and Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership.

Where we will be by 2020…

VicSRC will expand its programs and pathways that support increased student participation at all levels of our work, allowing more opportunities for direct consultation and creating a more truly representative organisation. We will be a more diverse and sustainable organisation, culturally and financially.

We will be publishing the full version on our website over the coming weeks and tlook forward to working towards our 2020 goals with all of your support!

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