Six student tips for transitioning to secondary school

In 2015 we worked with the Department of Education and Training to produce the VicSRC Transitions Report. We consulted with 155 Grade 6 and Year 7 students who shared their first-hand experiences and their ideas for improving the shift to secondary school.

VicSRC Transitions Report

The report drew on the ideas and experiences of these students to address two key questions:

  1. What are the key challenges faced by students in the transition from primary school to secondary school?
  2. How can schools better support students to make smooth transitions from primary school to secondary school?

The students were full of insight as to what the transition experience is actually like in real life. Students articulated six key recommendations for schools to make the move a better one:

Recommendation #1 Ensure students have access to strong support networks before,
during and after transition. These networks may include peers, family and teachers.

Recommendation #2 Align students’ workloads so that the increase in academic
expectations post-transition is manageable.

Recommendation #3 Provide formal and informal opportunities that foster collegiality and friendship among students.

Recommendation #4 Reduce the “unknown” for students prior to transition wherever

Recommendation #5 Provide clear avenues for students to access information about their new school.

Recommendation #6 Employ effective strategies to address bullying. 

Take a look at the Department of Education and Training's Transitions pages (we recommend the student-created videos!), and check out the full VicSRC Transitions Report for the the findings and great implementation ideas for each recommendation.

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