Response: Push for real student voice is clear

VicSRC's outgoing Chair of the Executive, Gerard Felipe from Frankston High School, reflects on a big win for student voice.

Gerard Felipe

“Deputy Premier & Education Minister Mr. James Merlino said he is ‘considering very seriously’ the proposal for mandatory student representation on school councils with full voting rights.

“Being a part of the issues group that had originally pushed for mandatory student representation on schools councils with full voting rights at the 2015 VicSRC Congress, I am glad to see this come to light not only for us, but for all students in Victoria.

“This issue was voted as the number one priority for the VicSRC in 2015, to be advocated for by the delegates that attended Congress in 2015. Having persisted for over two years through various consultations and meetings, we are reaching a turning point in our campaign.

“My fellow student Execs and VicSRC just held our Congress 2017 at Ormond College, The University of Melbourne and the genuine push for student voice was clear beyond doubt.

“Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe is right, because a change is always going to come.”

Gerard Felipe | VicSRC Executive Chair, 2016-2017

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