Sparks of student voice are flying all across the state

Eleven conferences down, one to go!

VicSRC Regional Conferences 2015

In Term 1, we heard the voices of over 300 students sharing what matters most to their education journey. We're hearing from another 600 students in Term 2, which kicked off with the Hume Conference at Benalla P-12 College.

We asked our 2014-15 Executive member, Lucas Muehleisen, his impression of the conferences so far:

One of the annual events that the VicSRC conducts are the set of Regional Conferences held across the state. These range in geographic diversity, with students gathering from metro Melbourne to the far flung reaches of Gippsland, but also in representative diversity. This year I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Primary School Regional SRC Conference.

As an Executive member, one of the questions that seems paramount is: ‘Why run these sorts of conferences?’

The simple answer is most likely that these conferences allow students to collaborate together with their peers and so tackle issues, problems or ideas that affect all of them. Connecting people is a powerful tool; after all, most human progress has been a result of collaboration. So this may seem sufficient to explain the need for the Regional Conferences. They also have, of course, the other benefit of connecting us (the Executive) to students, and thus to their ideas, and this is also an important purpose of representation.

Through the primary school conference I attended, another aspect of these regional conferences became apparent. Witnessing young students, mostly between the ages of 10 to 12 years, being inspired to take action is immensely gratifying. These conferences are premised on a simple yet crucial idea: that these students can, and will, act upon these ideas.

Fundamentally, it is this quality that is important: Regional Conferences give people the inspiration for action and, importantly, put them in a position where students are empowered to act upon this inspiration. This sense was visible at the primary school conference that I attended, and I look forward to the other regional conferences that are coming up, with equal enthusiasm.

Lucas Muehleisen VicSRC Executive Year 12 John Monash Science School (first published in Connect 212 - April 2015)

The top 3 issues that emerge from each conference feed directly into the hot topics for Congress 2015.

Keep an eye out on Facebook for our Regional Conference Gallery for a glimpse of all the action.

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