Reflections on the VicSRC April executive training camp

Exciting, enjoyable and enlightening are merely a few words to describe the VicSRC camp at Bayplay lodge. We started the camp off with a pile of work and preparation for upcoming events including planning for conferences and of course, CONGRESS!

Although we had so much to do, we managed to find time to relax and enjoy the scenery as well as allow time for team-bonding experiences and activities which helped us improve our public speaking and confidence and this was beautifully exemplified by the debate on whether the current school structure unlocks the potential of students. All in all, it was an action-packed camp and simply an EXHILARATING experience! 

Qais Sadat

From Monday the 7th, to Wednesday the 9th of April, the VicSRC executives went to camp to plan for Congress, conferences and resolutions. On the first day we worked on strategic planning and decided our aims for the rest of our time as exec. Following on from that we ran our first Congress planning session. The next Congress planning session was the next morning after some time for resolution work. After the Congress planning we went for a walk down to Point Nepean and gosh was it cold! We came back to camp drenched in water as it was raining so hard, but we toughened it out and did another planning session. Overall the camp was fun, hard-work, wet, but a great experience. Now I feel ready for Congress! Thank you so much to Krista, Roger, Dave, Scott and Claire for coming to the camp, you really made it fun and exciting experience! Bring on the conferences!

Bridin Walker

The camp at Bayplay lodge was very productive and I had an awesome time with all the other executives and supporters. We had lots of sessions to continue planning Congress and to do work on our resolution portfolios. Along with all the planning, we also spent time doing activities that improved on the leadership skills we will need in the future. Throughout the whole camp our group continued to bond and we all worked together to form a great team. I am sooo excited for all the regional conferences and I can’t wait to meet all the students across Victoria who intended on coming to congress.

Emily Smith

After a few jam packed days of camp the VicSRC came out with some great results, we were able to sort out a lot of the plans for congress, prepare for the numerous public speaking forums coming up and got to regroup with our resolution portfolios to see the amazing work that has been done. This camp just passed gave us a chance to bond even closer by working and learning together on how to be better leaders – with guidance from Dave - and become more passionate in our work – with guidance from Roger. Krista was able to pull together a fantastic program that lead to myself Emily and Sammy to get some great directive action as to how we would continue on with our portfolio on the subject of recording VCE classrooms.­­ I loved getting closer with the group and how close we have formed over the first half of our term in executive, hopefully our progress keeps up its pace in the next six months leading up to congress so that everyone coming along gets the best possible experience they can get, and that you can see this bond in the upcoming regional student conferences.

Sarah Bibby

This camp was not like any other camp. Of course it was fun and it was a time to bond with each and every VicSRC Executive, but it was thinking time for us. The three days were put aside for planning future meetings we are having such as with the Board of Education, Congress, conferences and our resolutions. Work has been done and we are feeling even more confident that we are representing Victorian students. The camp was memorable during the fun times and tense times. I never knew a group that was as political, loud and opinionated as us.

Margaret Tran

It has been eight months since we first met each other and up until now, our connection as a team has never been better. After a very long and half-sleepy drive to the camp, we found ourselves in the midst of a full-set schedule in which benefitted us to work much further within our roles as ambitious leaders of the VicSRC. As we take steps day by day to finishing our term as an exec, we also come closer to the major events we thoroughly planned; as such it included the regional conferences, and the annual, traditional and foremost event, Congress. Many ideas and designs were thrown across the table as to how we could and would run our junctures, and at the same time, bond much greater than ever within this time as a group. We also worked much deeper into our portfolio, both operation and resolution, as which would indicate the impact we’ve made to schools and the organisation as a whole. Aside from main work, there were other activities that we happily engaged in, thus this training camp proved to be highly productive.

Ron Garcia

The latest VicSRC Executive Training Camp was a really great experience. Through the three days, we worked really hard on our Resolution Portfolios, planned for our upcoming presentations & the regional conference, finalised a concrete basic running sheet for CONGRESS 2014, and our debating skills were tested through a gruelling and heated debate about the structure of school, and if they unlock or lock student’s potential. Everyone is getting on really well together, and you can see a huge difference between the exec at the first camp and now at the latest camp, and we are now ‘one, big, hardworking, passionate family’! We have evolved into a dedicated and determined team, and a group that will go through everything to have the student body’s voices heard!

Kristen Sellings

On our last executive camp for the 13-14 elected exec we ventured down to the sea. With lots of congress prep done and lots of team building work, we see a clear and bright future for the VicSRC. Even I the rain we enjoyed the outdoors and consulted with others for the health of young Victorians. Truly was a great way to kick off the year for all of our work.

Sammy Chapman

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