PD: Engaging authentic student voice in Catholic schools

Opportunity alert! Professional learning workshop for teachers from Catholic Schools in Victoria on the topic of “Engaging an authentic Student Voice in Catholic Schools” on Friday 25th November

Catholic Education Office

This workshop will provide opportunities to learn about programs and initiatives offered by VICSRC to enhance student engagement and a greater sense of connectedness and belonging within their school community.

Catholic school students and members of the VicSRC Executive will facilitate the sessions and share their experiences as leaders and the actions they have taken on issues that matter to them. Topics will also include the impact of faith on student identity, students as researchers and building the capacity of Student Representative Councils (SRCs).

The interactive workshops will also feature school case studies featuring current modes of practice that enable student voice in the classroom and consider the role of teachers in providing democratic leadership opportunities.

Participants will benefit from the knowledge, resources and critical questions posed by Roger Holdsworth, Senior Research Associate Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne and Nina Laitala, Project Officer Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC)

By recognizing students as valuable co-contributors for learning and designing two-way communication channels, schools can better meet student needs and help build social connectedness and partnerships between students, teachers, families and their community.

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Event details


9.00 - 4.00 pm

Friday 25 November 2016


Simmonds Hall
Catholic Leadership Centre
576 Victoria Parade
East Melbourne

Who should register?

Catholic Primary and Secondary teachers and/or Student Wellbeing Leaders with an interest in active student participation and/or engaged in facilitating SRC’s

How to register

Register on the CEVN website through MY (IPLS)


My PL (IPLS) Code 16SWJ100A

Closing date

17 November 2016


Doug Sandiford, Education Officer, Student Wellbeing Unit 

03 9267 0228 | 

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