VicSRC Executive 2019-2020 Elections


Fifteen students are elected to the VicSRC Executive Committee each year. In 2019, VicSRC Executive Elections are going online! Read on for details about nominating and voting for the VicSRC Executive Committee!

Nominations are NOW OPEN! To nominate for the VicSRC 2019-2020 Executive team, please read this information pack (or see the screenreader version) and then fill out this form

We suggest setting aside 30 minutes to complete your application.


On this page: 


The VicSRC Executive is made up of 15 students who are completing secondary education in Victoria. These Executive members are elected by their peers every year, and their job is to govern the VicSRC and act on the advocacy priorities identified by Victorian students at the annual VicSRC Congress.? 


In a typical year as an Executive Committee member, you might do some or all of the following: 

  • attend meetings with the Minister for Education 

  • speak on panels to teachers and educators; 

  • advise the Department of Education on how to design programs or initiatives to best support students 

  • advise the VicSRC staff on the strategic direction of the organisation and which priorities to focus onor  

  • sit on committees made up of different stakeholders in the education system.? 


VicSRC seeks to be as representative of all Victorian students as possible. We ensure diverse representation on the Executive Committee through a balance of students from rural/regional and metro Victoria, students of all genders, and representation from a range of Independent, Government and Catholic schools. We also make sure that no more than two people from any one school are part of the Executive Committee. If you would like further information about this, please email us at .? 


Amazing! If you’re eager to represent Victorian students and advocate for their needs, we encourage you to nominate for the Executive Committee – regardless of your background, gender, ability, where you live, or where you go to school!? 


VicSRC provides financial support for transport for rural and regional students and is committed to accommodating any access needs students require.? 

Any Victorian school-aged student in Y7-11 or equivalent, who is also a student member of the VicSRC, is eligible to nominate for the VicSRC Executive Committee. Students who will complete Year 12 in 2019 are ineligible to nominate for a role on the Executive, as members must be currently enrolled in secondary education for the entirety of their 2019-2020 term.?However, current Year 12 students can get involved with VicSRC through alternative initiatives like the Student Voice Hub and are most importantly still eligible to vote in this upcoming election!


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