My Experience at Congress 2018

On the school holidays I was able to attend VicSRC's Congress. It was my first Congress, at Ormond College, full of passionate students sharing their opinions on the latest issues over three days. It was an explosion of student voice! I was extremely lucky to attend and also run for the Student Executive Team! I stood up in front of 250 delegates and gave my fifty second speech. I am really proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone and for trying out!

Unfortunately I didn't get in but that won't stop me from engaging with VicSRC. I applied to be on the Ambassadors Program and successfully joined! The Ambassadors Program is a group of students who are selected to represent their schools at state level. I am extremely excited for this opportunity!

I also attended a Public Speaking Workshop that taught me how to be a more confident person, giving me really important tips for creating and delivering speeches. My Action Team: Transforming VCE also won top priotity for VicSRC.

I attended the Gala Dinner and dressed up as a girl from the 1980s!

Congress definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me a more confident person. I made tons of new friends and most of all, had fun!

Anyone who is interested in student voice should definitely attend! If you love creating change for the issues you are passionate about, this is the place for you!

Overall, Congress 2018 has been a life-changing event!

VicSRC Ambassador