Students are NOT passive recipients of education:

We're the ones who can shape it! 16 year old Liang Xue shares her experiences from #Congress2015.

Congress 2015

I was exposed to a wave of 170 passionate students from various year levels across 59 schools across the state for 3 days, at the 10th anniversary of VicSRC's annual Congress at Ormond College. Students spoke of their schools strengths and weaknesses, and were able to seek out advice from other schools who have overcome the same particular obstacles in the past. It provided us the opportunity to use each other’s experiences to gain further insight and knowledge to bring back to our own schools.

We had the opportunity to interact with James Merlino - the Minister of Education and Jenny Mikakos - the Minister of Youth Affairs. It was engaging to hear students question the people who make choices about the education we receive. Many stood and spoke out for the various issues from school funding to support students at risk of disengagement. Both Ministers were extremely supportive regarding the student involvement in the education system, emphasising that we as students should not passive recipients of education, but we help shape it. 

We worked in various issues groups, which had a particular focus on a certain issue that Victoria was facing on a state wide scale, primarily in high schools. I participated in the group concerning “Student wellbeing and welfare”, over a sessions a belief statement was created highlighting why this is an issue that needs to take priority, and it was then presented in a parliamentary styled debate. Later on an action pitch was presented to further highlight how we can achieve our belief statement , with all groups battling out for the most effective and innovative idea to win the Congress Cup.

 A moment to remember for me was hearing a panel of representatives from various positive social change organisations such as Oaktree, Oxfam and Onegirl speak about why the do what they do.  A key theme they all shared was that what they strive for is to be caring and curious about the people of the world. 

I’ve tried sum up the aspects of hard work during the debates and discussions; but there was fun that was uncontainable! It included a brilliant Harry Potter themed dinner party, intense clashes of the Hogwart houses to complete a series of deadly challenges, movie screenings and many newly founded friendship

Thank you to the Student Exectutive team of 2014-2015, the countless volunteers and helpers for making this experience one hard to forget.

Let us join the roar of student voices, together.

- Liang Xue, 10H, Suzanne Cory High School 

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