Media Release: Victoria State Budget 2018/2019

Investing now in our future workforce!

The Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) is excited about the announcement of much needed investment in career education and vocational training in the new Victorian budget. This will empower Victorian students and give them the skills they need as they're leaving school and entering the workforce or seeking further education.

VicSRC has been advocating on behalf of Victorian students for real world skills to be explicitly taught at school. Ensuring that students are equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing economic environment is a high priority for Victorian students. Students are also keen to provide flexibility and reduce the stigma surrounding VCAL and vocational pathways.

We believe the Andrews' Government initiative Head Start Apprenticeships and Traineeships program has the potential to provide students with the skills and training necessary to move straight into the workforce. We look forward to working with the government to ensure vocational education is recognised as just as important and worthwhile as other pathways.

VicSRC was actively involved in the recent Career Education review and is reassured to see many of the recommendations made by students taken on board and funded appropriately. Introducing a more comprehensive career education program in government schools from Year 7 and ensuring all Year 9 students get the information and access to industry experts they need to make informed decisions is a great step forward. We look forward to this initiative including students from the Catholic and Independent sectors in the future also.  

VicSRC is impressed with the commitment to improving education opportunities and equitable access for Victorian students through the above initiatives as well as increased funding for student mental health and wellbeing programs and further funding for students with disabilities.

VicSRC Executive Officer Nina Laitala response to the 2018/2019 budget:

 “The VicSRC feels confident that this budget will increase opportunities and equity for students in Victoria and look forward to further clarity around roll out and implementation of these initiatives.”

Rames Williams, VicSRC Executive Student Treasurer says:

 “It’s exciting to see that the government is listening to what students want and acting on it. It's great to see the commitment to more opportunities for VCAL students and different ideas for vocational pathways.”

For further information or to arrange an interview please contact:

Nell MacColl VicSRC Communications Officer: 0488 700 138


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