Student Voice at Frankston High School

We are students at Frankston High School and also members of the VicSRC Executive, in order to profile our school we interviewed our SRC Teacher Advisor Miss Toovey to get a better understanding of her role and her thoughts on Student voice.

      How are you involved in student voice at Frankston High School?

I am currently the (Acting) Director of Co-Curricular Activity- Student Leadership for 2014 at Frankston High School. This role involves working with the Student Leadership Council, which is over 70 students across all year levels. The role is primarily about being a facilitator and providing students with authentic leadership opportunities. It is crucial to guide students to build and improve their own leadership skills, while also ensuring the right scaffolding is in place so that students are not overwhelmed by any task. Giving feedback and providing constructive ways for students to improve is important.

     Why did you get involved and why do you stay involved?

The students are the heart of the school and it gives me such pleasure to see how much students love their school and want to be involved in making the school the best it can be. I have been overwhelmed at the passion, enthusiasm and motivation students have at Frankston High School and that they want to be involved in all aspects of the school. It has been incredible watching students step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

Why do you think student voice is important?

The student voice is very important as the school is where they spend the majority of their teenage life. It is important for students to have a place where they belong and feel like they can contribute to the school, help make changes and help guide the future of the school.

In the future, what do you think student voice will look like?

In time, I think most programs that are run will be student driven as students become more aware of their passions and areas of their life, including school that they would like to change. One year’s rookies become next year’s leaders within the SLC.

Any more comments you would like to add

It is a privilege to be part of the Frankston High School Student Leadership Council and I am very excited about the future.

By Emily Smith and Bridin Walker, Frankston High School


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