VicSRC's final Exec Camp for 2014-2015 was an explosion of ideas

Sammy, Trin and Margo share their reflections on a productive, fun and energising three days.

VicSRC Exec Camp, March 2015

"The team and staff made the trek up to Rubicon for the camp, and, while in such an amazing landscape, we were fortunate enough to go hiking through the Cathedral Ranges. The hike wasn’t everybody’s favourite, but what an experience, and a good way to break up all of our work.

"We really knuckled down and got a clear vision for the upcoming Congress in July, and worked through many things, including discussing a new structure of some skill-based education programs with a DET representative. It was a fantastic way to work through our resolutions in preparation for the end of our term and a fantastic area for some teamwork activities. What a great way to start finishing up our VicSRC Exec term!"
Samantha Chapman
VicSRC Executive

VicSRC Exec Camp, March 2015

"The VicSRC Executive camp for 2015 was an experience that offered extensive insight and learning into skills and more experience in leadership, teamwork, public speaking and event facilitation. In addition to this, there was bonding between the 11 of us who attended (as well as the three VicSRC staff /supporters who came along) – something that, I can imagine, comes with climbing mountains together and teaching each other how to play (and evade rules whilst not breaking them) pool and table tennis.

"From planning our Congress conference in July, to learning how to best facilitate a discussion, to... very passionately... debating, to gaining insight on the new Technical schools coming and getting to have an input and mapping out our beliefs of what a Technical school should be like, to climbing South Jawbone Peak, to easter egg hunts, to movie marathons, the camp was an explosion of teamwork, learning and planning. It gave me, and I’m sure the other ten of us, an experience that (excuse the cliché) I will never forget.

"The camp served the purpose of allowing us to gain skills necessary for being leaders and being the representatives of the students in Victoria, but it also allowed for the bonding of the group. Being a latecomer to the Executive, I feel like we came to camp as close friends and that we left as a family. I guess that’s what happens when you climb to the top of a mountain together (the view made the formidable climb worth it!). I left camp with the feeling that it had been very successful, offering both learning and fun, and my only regret was that it wasn’t longer!"
Trinity Duffield-Pugsley
VicSRC Executive

VicSRC Exec Camp, March 2015

"In the first week of the recent holidays, the VicSRC Executive team headed out for three days to work on the resolutions passed at last year’s Congress, plan Congress 2015 and learn many new skills. It was an explosion of ideas that resulted in many great outcomes. These outcomes ranged from big Congress decisions being made, to deciding the timetable, to the Executive roles and the Congress workshops.

"From this training camp, I also learnt how to present an interesting ‘elevator pitch’ and how to chair a meeting effectively. Some tips I have for chairing meetings are to always validate ideas; never allow the group to think that you are on a higher level than them; and that a meeting is run best in a circular formation. The camp was successful in that we got through all our work whilst bonding tightly together as an executive team.

"With only four months lefts until Congress, it is now your turn to get involved with the VicSRC. Sign up to Congress and join the debate now!"
Margaret Tran
VicSRC Executive

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